Tuesday, August 4, 2020
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Mobile Alerts

APIs or Online Tools
The growth and popularity of SMS can be partly explained by the immediate, concise, and unobtrusive nature of a 160-character text message. But its rise to prominence is equally explained by its ubiquity, reliability, and the delivery confirmations which make mobile alerts the most efficient and cost-effective method to communicate time-sensitive information with on-the-go customers, employees, and constituents.

Whether you choose to automate your mobile communications using our API’s or login and manage your campaigns with our online tools, SUMOTEXT has everything you need to manage compliant subscriber acquisition (opt-ins / opt-outs) as well as segment and target personalized messaging campaigns across individuals and groups.

Beyond Marketing
And not just for marketing to consumers, organizational leaders also recognize that plain text SMS and rich media MMS delivered via short codes is the most efficient and cost-effective channel to communicate time-sensitive information to stakeholders inside and outside the enterprise.

Our powerful keyword and group management controls streamline communications to increase attendance and participation while keeping dispersed groups of employees, constituents, and volunteers organized, informed, and motivated.

Rich Media Alerts with MMS
While concise 160 character messages are typically appreciated by most recipients, MMS messages can contain up 5,000 characters of text. MMS message can also be crafted into multi-page slide shows with embedded pictures, audio, and video. SUMOTEXT can even delivery dynamic objects via SMS like barcodes or content for mobile wallets!

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